Cosmic Babes is a monthly subscription for magic babes who want to work with moon phases and astrology, and learn how to use cosmic energy to manifest their most aligned af life.

cosmic babes is for you if:

  • You want to know what to do during moon phases

  • You crave feeling more connected to lunar feminine goddess energy

  • You want to learn what part of your life each New Moon rules and how it will affect you

  • You're ready to take your manifesting to the next level

  • You want to celebrate the moon + practice ritual on your own time, in your own space (busy babes and introverts, I hear you!)

  • You want to learn how to work with the energy of the moon and utilize it to your benefit

  • You want to incorporate astrology into your everyday life

  • Life goals = Become a magical moon goddess (who doesn't want that?!)

If this sounds like you, welcome to the cosmos- let's create some magic!

Your membership includes:

A 15 page Downloadable Workbook specific to each New Moon! Featuring:

  • Energy Forecast: A summary of wtf is going on in the cosmos- not just the moon! We'll talk about planets and other celestial bodies too- where you'll be feeling these shifts, and what you can do to harness all of that moon magic to make the most of it.

  • Practical Applications: Real life ways to utilize the moon's energy every day.

  • Intention Setting Worksheet: The universe loves clarity! Take your new moon manifestations to the next level by getting clear on what you want.

  • Journal Prompts: If journaling is you thing I gotchu covered girl. Each month you'll receive 3-5 prompts tailored to help you work through what's going on in the cosmos for the ultimate glow up.

  • Tarot Spread: Intuitively created tarot spread for connection and guidance from the Universe. 

  • Altar Suggestions: Crystals, essential oils, flowers, etc.... Everything you need to supercharge your altar with the current moon energy.

  • Moon Phase Guide: The moon goes through more phases than just the new moon! Receive guidance on the 4 major phases, when the moon shifts into/out of them, and what to focus on during each phase.

  • And More!

Printable Affirmation Cards

  • Print these babies and stick them on your altar, bathroom mirror, or wherever else you prefer for daily support & love.


Phone Wallpapers

  • Download and save to your phone for daily inspiration. 

Member Portal

  • One convenient place to access your membership content.

*All membership features updated monthly with the New Moon.

+ A Monthly Crystal Giveaway! Drawn on instagram live on the night of the New Moon, all current members are automatically entered.


And even more amazing-

joining is only $11.11/ month!

Hold up- all that magic goodness for the price of two cups of coffee? Hell yeah, babe!

how it works:

Cosmic Babes is a monthly subscription centered around the magic of the New Moon. Because the date of the New Moon varies month to month, your Cosmic Babe Club member portal will be updated and flow with the New Moon- 2 days before each New Moon to give you plenty of time to go over everything and meet the moon with your universal guns a-blazin'. There's no long term commitment, you're free to cancel any time. Questions? Shoot me an email! Ready to begin your journey to becoming a Cosmic Babe?


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