Hi, I'm Sam

I'm a modern day witch, Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and mega Harry Potter nerd (I'm a Slytherin, but don't worry we can still be friends if you're a Gryffindor).

For the majority of my life, I looked for magic in all the wrong places: relationships, weight loss...  living my life searching for that thing that would set my soul on fire, not knowing that what I was looking for was already inside of me all along- I just needed to learn how to access it. A magickal lifestyle is something I had been raised with, but left behind in my search for outside acceptance. 

While recovering from an eating disorder, I began re-connecting with crystals and crystal healing. I took classes and became a Reiki master, enrolled in a holistic healing school, practiced tarot and moon magick daily, and ignited my inner witch. Utilizing these tools allowed me to shed all of the layers I had taken on that weren't authentically me, and form a deep connection with my intuition, opening the path to living a soul driven life. 

I'm passionate AF about helping women dive into the world of spirituality; de-mystifying magick and making it accessible in everyday life. 

Let's unleash your inner magick, babe.

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